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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can go Jungle Surfing?
Jungle Surfing is open to all ages from 3-103, with child & adult harnesses to suit almost all sizes. There is however a weight restriction of 120kg (260lbs, 18 stone 12lbs). Cables are rated to withstand 4 tonnes, but the adult harnesses do not tend to fit persons over 120kg. In addition, Jungle Surfing is not recommended for pregnant women.

Q. Do I have to be fit to Jungle Surf?
No. Our oldest Jungle Surfer to date was 89, and no great physical strength is required. However, there is a 250m walk to the first Platform along a narrow forest trail and another short walk from the final Platform back to the harnessing centre. During the tour, the guides do all the work and the customer can just sit back and enjoy the ride. If you have restricted mobility or a medical condition about which you are concerned please give us a call to discuss your requirements prior to the tour and we will be happy to help.

Q. Do I have to be 18 years old to Jungle Surf?
No. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Children between 12 and 17 years may Jungle Surf unaccompanied. However, all persons under 18 must have our Medical Declaration & Waiver Release signed by a parent or guardian prior to the tour.

Q. Is the Nightwalk suitable for children?
We do not recommend the Nightwalk for children under 8 years, as they tend to tire easily at night and may disrupt the enjoyment of other customers. If you have children who would like to do a nightwalk, please contact us and we may be able to arrange a shorter or earlier private nightwalk to suit the whole family.

Q. How many people are on each tour?
We have no minimum numbers and will take just one person on tour. Our maximum number of customers on a tour is 13, although group sizes vary from 6 to 13 depending on the number of guides assigned to each tour. If required, we can accommodate groups of up to 25 persons at a time subject to prior arrangement.

Q. How high are the platforms and how long are the cables at Jungle Surfing?
Jungle Surfing tree platforms range in height from 2.5 to 19.5m above the ground and the cable spans range from 25 to 78m in length. The highest point of the tour is 22.5m above Mason Creek.

Q. What happens if I get scared in the middle of the tour? Can I get off?
Most people overcome their fears and love the experience. Very occasionally, customers with an overwhelming fear of heights decide that they do not wish to proceed from the first Platform. In this case, the customer may return to the harnessing centre. However, if a customer has progressed beyond Platform 1, they must continue through the tour and exit at Platform 5.

Q. Can spectators come along to watch the Jungle Surfing?
No. Once the jungle surfers go up into the trees there are no viewing areas accessible to the public and no persons are allowed on Jungle Surfing property unsupervised by Jungle Surfing staff.

Q. Can I travel with my child throughout the tour?
Your child will be fitted into their own junior harness and will travel independently throughout the tour. They will not be attached to your adult harness. However, from Platforms 1-2 and 2-3, you will travel along the cables in pairs, only a few metres apart. For the first ascent to Platform 1 and from Platforms 3-4 and 4-5, you will fly singly. If you have a small child, we recommend that two persons accompany the child, one travelling ahead and one behind the child.

Q. How do I stop myself when I’m flying along the cables?
At Jungle Surfing, you don’t have to worry about stopping yourself, or controlling your flight in any way. Our guides use a “top rope belay system” which means that they will lower you along the cables leaving you hands-free and care-free to take in the views and take photos.

Q. Do I have to go fast and upsidedown?
No. On the first two spans you will travel fairly slowly and in pairs, giving you plenty of time to explore the canopy. From Platforms 3-4 you fly fast and solo, and from 4-5 you fly upsidedown, if you dare! The guides control the course, so they can limit your speed if you prefer, and only you can flip yourself upsidedown so it is completely optional.

Q. What wildlife will I see?
Both tours are conducted in a completely natural environment, using no baiting, cages or domesticated animals. We therefore cannot guarantee any specific sightings. However, on the Jungle Surfing we are likely to see butterflies, birds and insects, and on the nightwalk we regularly sight sleeping birds, rainforest dragons, mammals including bats & possums, plus many species of spiders, insects and snakes.

Q. What should I bring?
Your camera - we will attach it to your harness so that you can take photos throughout the tour. If you have any essential medications you wish to keep with you, let the guides know and they will place them in a special bag that is also attached to your harness for easy access. You should have nothing in your pockets nor any clips in your hair as you will be wearing a full body harness and helmet and any sharp items may cause you injury. You will not be able to take drinks and snacks on the tour with you.

Q. Will my camera be safe?
Your camera will be attached to your harness during the tour and is perfectly safe. We do not recommend that you detach your camera while you are on the cables, but you may wish to do so on the platforms. The guides will also take pictures for you on your camera at certain points during the tour and may pass it to other guests ahead or behind you to take photos of you departing from or arriving at platforms. In wet weather, we will supply you with a small rainjacket for your camera (yes it’s a glad bag!) but we cannot guarantee it will keep it 100% dry in heavy rain. If you choose to bring your camera and let us or other guests take photos, you do so at your own risk.

Q. What should I wear?
Long shorts or trousers are most comfortable when wearing a harness. Skirts are not suitable. It is essential to have footwear that will stay on your feet ie enclosed shoes or sandals with an ankle strap. If you only have thongs/slip on shoes with you, we have a supply of Crocs shoes we can lend you, or we will tape your shoes to your feet!

Q. Can I wear spectacles or sunglasses during the tour?
Yes. Spectacles may be safely worn and are held snugly to your head by your helmet. If you have a safety lanyard, you may wish to bring it. It is often quite shady in the rainforest canopy so we don’t recommend sunglasses, but you may wear them if desired. Any equipment you choose to wear/bring on the tour is done so at your own risk.

Q. Can I wear my own safety equipment?
No. All participants must wear Jungle Surfing harnesses and helmets which undergo regular inspections.

Q. Where can I leave my valuables during the tour?
You only need to bring your voucher, camera and some cash or credit/debit cards if you wish to buy drinks or merchandise after the tour. You must empty your pockets prior to being fitted into a harness, and all personal items may be stored in locked cabinets at the harnessing centre.

Q. Can I bring drinks & snacks?
No. You will not be able to carry anything with you on the tour except your camera and essential medications and must remove any items from your pockets so that your harness can be safely fitted. Any drinks or snacks that you are carrying with you should not be consumed in the transfer buses and must be left with your belongings at the harnessing centre while you are on tour. Drinks and snacks are also available for purchase after the tour.

Q. Can I buy Jungle Surfing souvenirs?
Yes. Jungle Surfing t-shirts and other merchandise are available exclusively at our harnessing centre after the tour.

Q. How do I drive to Jungle Surfing from Cairns or Port Douglas?
Refer to Location & Getting Here.

Q. Do you pick up from any resorts?
Refer to Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours departures & pick-ups.

Q. Can I get a transfer from Cairns or Port Douglas?
Maybe. Refer to Location & Getting Here.

Q. Do I need a 4WD to get to Cape Tribulation?
No. Refer to Location & Getting Here.

Q. Do I need to pre-book?
Yes. Refer to Rates & Bookings.

Q. Do Jungle Surfing & the Nightwalk operate in the rain?
Yes. Jungle Surfing and Jungle Adventures Nightwalks are all-weather activities and will only be cancelled by the operator in extreme conditions such as cyclones or severe electrical storms. In the unlikely event of a tour cancellation, we will offer alternate dates/times or offer a full refund if a mutually agreeable replacement tour cannot be scheduled. Please note that third party booking fees may not be refundable in all circumstances.

Q. Will I have to sign a disclaimer?
It is a requirement of our Public Liability Insurer that all persons participating in the tour sign our Medical Declaration & Waiver Release form. Persons who fail to complete the form, or children under 18 whose parent/guardian has failed to complete the form, will be refused entry to the tour and will not be eligible for a refund.

Q. Can I get a job with Jungle Surfing?
Jungle Surfing regularly recruits abseiling scientists and others with backgrounds in Natural Sciences, Eco-tourism, Environmental Management and related fields. For full details, check our Employment section.

If you have further questions, please call us on 07 4098 0043 or email us at

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