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Meet The Team

The Jungle Adventures team is made up of a diverse group of scientists, tour guides, abseiling experts and even a trapeze artist! Each one of us lives in and loves the Cape Tribulation area and each brings a different skill or talent to the mix that contributes to the very interactive Jungle Surfing experience.

Let us introduce you to a few of the team:

Stephen Walsh was a Pharmacist, Outdoor Recreation Instructor, Dive Instructor, tour guide, photographer, and a man with very big dreams. Steve was the creator and director of Jungle Adventures and Jungle Surfing. Though many thought he’d lost his mind when he set about building platforms and flying fox runs twenty metres up in the trees, Steve always had passion and absolute belief in his vision, which has seen Jungle Surfing become one of Australia’s premier adventure tourism experiences. Tragically, Steve passed away in 2010, but his legacy lives on.

Sheena Walshaw escaped from her Publishing and PR career in London in 1997 to return to the jungle she’d fallen in love with as a backpacker. In Cape Tribulation she has managed two resorts, a land touring and transfer company and set up and managed a dive boat operation. In her spare time she built a house. She joined Jungle Surfing in early 2006 and has almost conquered her fear of heights. Sheena is the Queen of the Jungle, and Managing Director of Jungle Surfing.

Pete Davidson is our Training & Maintenance Manager, and keeps his hand in as a Jungle Surfing Supervisor a couple of days a week. Pete has an unnatural passion for ropes and knots and has completed several abseiling courses since joining Jungle Surfing at its inception. He has lived in Cape Tribulation on and off for 14 years, working originally as a chef, then on dive boats and he recently returned from a trip working as a Dive Instructor in Egypt. Pete lives the eco-dream, having built his family home and designed his property on the principles of permaculture.

Ian Samuels, our Head Interpretive Guide & Jungle Surfing Supervisor, discovered the true power of nature at a very young age after putting a frog in his mother’s apron. This lead on to a Bachelor of Biological Sciences degree which in turn lead to his “Mad Scientist” nightwalks. Since joining Jungle Adventures, Ian has recognised his intense fear of heights whilst completing his Vertical Rescue and abseiling qualifications. Although Ian’s knowledge of the Daintree Rainforest is encyclopaedic, he has never learned to grow up, and believes a smile is the best gift you can give.

Misha Hoo travelled extensively around Australia as a radio DJ, bass guitarist and aerobics instructor before running off to join the circus. She spent the next 9 years performing aerial acrobatics, trapeze and stilt dance in festivals throughout Europe. With lots of hands on rigging and teaching experience, Misha loves hanging out in the rainforest and showing others how to swing through the trees with the greatest of ease! Misha is a Jungle Surfing supervisor and is the only guide who flies through the trees with her toes pointed.

Antoinette Wadge is Jungle Surfing’s Environment Officer, a plant nerd (Horticulturalist) and all round crusader for our pristine rainforest environment. After completing her Advanced Diploma in Horticulture in Melbourne in 2004, the jungle beckoned and has maintained a tenacious grip on her. “Anty” is based at the Jungle Surfing office, but is more often found out in the forest collecting seeds or knee deep in potting mix growing seedlings at our native nursery. Within her role she also volunteers at the Canopy Research Crane, is setting up several community re-vegetation projects, acts as a facilitator in a range of community environmental issues and manages our carbon offset program. Don’t even think about putting your rubbish in the wrong recycling bin or your food scraps anywhere but the composting Bokashi bucket or Anty will swoop down, snatch it from your fingers and direct it and you into the correct receptacle.

Gordon Mangion, from the Mediterranean island of Malta, is our international man of mystery and action. With an absurdly James Bond-esque background working on yachts, aircraft and offshore rigs around the world, Gordon is also a Fitness Instructor and has extensive experience developing and running climbing and high ropes activities for children. A highly qualified Industrial Rope Access Technician (IRATA), Gordon is our Recreation Officer, developing and enhancing our recreational activities and facilities, while also leading tours. Jungle Surfing has sponsored Gordon for Australian Residency so he’ll be with us for a couple of years. We’re yet to find a use for his Helicopter Refueling Ticket, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed!

Angelika Volz is an introduced species from Germany where she spent a childhood in the trees and years of study in front of a pile of books leading to a collection of degrees in biology and chemistry. In her spare time she worked as a taekwondo master and tae-bo instructor, managing events and running circus workshops around central Europe before leaving for Australia to deepen her biological knowledge with hands on experience. Two adventurous years and 60 000kms later, after travelling every square inch of this continent, Angie has returned to Cape Trib as a our Environmental Research Scientist, and also leads Jungle Surfing and Nightwalk tours. She loves to take you deep into the rainforest and show you its hidden secrets. With her passion for photography you might also find her crawling on the ground after midnight taking shots of her favourite subject - glowing fungi.

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